We buy wheelchair batteries for recycling

Lead-Acid batteries provide power to the motor and electronics of an Electric Wheelchair. They are often found under the seat, or in a separate battery box on the chair. The batteries can be charged periodically by plugging in the wheelchair to a DC outlet.



Electric Wheelchair batteries can be further broken down into two subsets:

  • Wet Cell
  • SLA

SLA batteries are often the preferred battery type for electric wheelchairs. Because they do not spill, they do not need to be packaged separately from the wheel chair when taken on a plane. In addition, they do not spill when the driver of the wheelchair hits a bump or makes a sharp turn. SLA batteries do not require the periodic topping off of water and proper safety precautions when handling in order to avoid serious chemical burns and cleanups.


  • Provide power to motor and electronics
  • Use up to two 12V 75AH batteries
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Must be charged regularly due to deep discharge cycles
  • Can be sold for scrap when batteries go bad



  • Electric Wheelchair Dealers and Repair Shops
  • Scrap Metal Yards
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals, Doctors Offices, and Labs
  • Individuals