Snowmobiles, like ATV, Motorcycles, and other power sport vehicles, require batteries to start their engines. The batteries must be shock absorbent, spill resistant, and able to operate in temperature extremes. SLA batteries (either AMG or Gel Cell) fit these requirements, as well as provide reliability and longevity at a low price point.


Snowmobiles operate on off roads, hills, and mountains, and are therefore prone to battery spillage. Sealed batteries provide the best solution to this problem. A major added benefit to SLA battery use in snowmobiles is the ability to start in and withstand cold temperatures. Model-specific 12V batteries are usually designed to be dual purpose, for starting and cycling, while providing both the necessary CA (cranking amps) and AH (amp hours). The most common type of SLA battery in snowmobiles is AGM.


  • Are typically SLA batteries in most instances, with AGM being the most popular battery type
  • Usually dual purpose, 12V lead-acid, with varying CA and AH dependent on power needs
  • Able to withstand shock and vibration
  • Function well in colder temperatures
  • Decreased charge time and lower self-discharge
  • Prone to overcharging
  • Must be replaced every 2-5 years (sometimes longer)
  • Can be scrapped for money when batteries go bad



  • New and Used Snowmobile Shops
  • Snowmobile Repair Shops
  • Ski Slope Maintenance Departments
  • Battery Core Buyers
  • Scrap Metal Recycling Yards
  • Salvage Yards
  • Individuals