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Lead-acid batteries are used to provide DC power to the motor and electronics of floor care equipment. Heavy duty, deep cycle marine batteries are often the preferred battery type for use in floor care equipment, despite their heavy weight, because they are optimized for deep discharge and can provide power for longer periods without charge.


Floor care equipment is optimized for lead-acid battery use. Deep cycle wet cell batteries are the most common type of lead-acid battery found in sweeper/scrubbers. The size and voltage of the batteries found in cleaning machines vary according to the manufacturer's design, but are typically found in 6 or 12V configurations, often with 250AH or more per battery.

Floor care equipment can be found in schools, museums, warehouses, offices, stadiums, stores, homes, or anywhere there is a large surface area of flooring to maintain.


  • Found in sweepers and scrubbers
  • Typically Deep-Cycle Wet Cell Lead-Acid
  • AGM or Gel Cell SLA are also used in some instances
  • 6 or 12V configurations with varying AH
  • Can be plugged in to charge overnight or between shifts
  • Require periodic maintenance
  • Can be scrapped for money when the batteries go bad



  • Floor Care Equipment Retail Companies
  • Equipment Rental Agencies
  • Maintenance Departments
  • Hospitals, Doctors Offices, and Labs
  • Scrap Metal Recycling Yards
  • Small Business Owners
  • Individuals