ATV batteries

ATV Batteries must fulfill a few requirements. They must be shock absorbent, non spill-able, and be able to withstand high temperatures from proximity to the engine. In addition, they must be dual purpose, both cranking and cycling batteries. SLA batteries are the preferred battery choice for off-road vehicle applications.


12V AGM batteries are typically used in ATV vehicles. They are able to withstand and perform well under higher temperatures, which can be an issue with ATV's that run hot. They do not need to be secured in an upright position because they are both shock-absorbent and vibration resistant, which is important for vehicles that operate off road. SLA batteries serve as the best compromise between price and efficiency for this particular application. They provide adequate power while also still being light enough not to weigh the vehicle down.


  • Utilize SLA batteries in most instances, with AGM being the most popular battery type
  • Usually dual purpose, 12V lead-acid, with varying CA and AH dependent on power needs
  • Able to withstand shock and vibration
  • Function well in warmer temperatures
  • Decreased charge time and lower self-discharge
  • Prone to overcharging
  • Must be replaced every 2-5 years (sometimes longer)
  • Can be scrapped for money when batteries go bad



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