Municipal Waste

Durham Recycling Center

For Municipal Waste Recycling Centers accepting hazmat, we provide an appealing option for battery recycling.  Our goal is to provide peace of mind that batteries are properly handled, transported, and disposed of, as well as provide our customers with a financial reward for recycling responsibly.  We are fully certified and insured, offering complete transparency every step of the way.  Purchased batteries are packaged, transported, and stored according to DOT and EPA guidelines, and batteries reach their end of life at EPA certified smelters.

Pickup services can be arranged for both smaller and larger amounts of material, on a scheduled or as needed basis.  Arrangements can be made for proper battery storage at the recycling center, and we bring all necessary packaging materials to every job site. 

Junkbat ensures full compensation for all purchased scrap batteries. Our specialization in battery recycling enables us to provide highly competitive pricing and maximum monetary return to our customers.  We work on small margins and operate on a large economy of scale, allowing us to put money where it matters most, in your pocket.