Junkbat is a valuable business partner and a crucial link between the military and smelters, both domestic and foreign. We have the resources to tackle large projects, leading you through the entire process with complete transparency. For those concerned about liability, we are both certified and insured, and able to furnish any necessary documentation upon request. Our ability to adapt to our customer's individual needs and maintain a high level of professionalism in all situations have lead us to be a trusted source for battery recycling for over three years.

Return on battery scrap is dependent on many factors, including battery type and volume, as well as present market value of metals. Our advantage is both in our direct relationship with smelters, and our economy of scale. We offer incredibly competitive pricing on LTL and full trailer loads of batteries, working on small margins to provide maximum monetary return to our customers. We are dependable and efficient, and always complete jobs within budget and on schedule.

Junkbat services all branches of the military.


Battery sources

> Tactical
> Combat
> Reconnaissance
> Utility
> Light Rail
> Armored Trains
> Military Ambulances
> Warfare
> Cruisers
> Destroyers
> Combat & Patrol Ships
> Aircraft Carriers
> Submarines

> Bombers
> Fighters
> Transport/Utility
> Aerial Refueling
> Special Missions
> Surveillance
> Helicopters
> Drones
> Stationary Power - UPS and Generators
> Stand alone Equipment
> Smart Weapons
> Micro-Grids
> Small Electric Mobility
> Telecom
> Data Centers.