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Junkbat services government schools, hospitals, courts, prisons, offices, data centers, and more, offering assistance in the removal of batteries, as well as packaging and transportation of batteries to a holding facility or direct to a smelter. Within government institutions, batteries are often found in emergency lighting and security systems, medical equipment, generators, battery backup, floor care, wheelchairs, and government vehicles.

Liability is often a concern for companies, institutions, and individuals when scrapping batteries. Every battery we handle reaches it's end of life at an EPA certified smelter. We pride ourselves on complete transparency every step of the way. You can read more about our training, certifications, and insurance. Above all else, we feel that we have a moral and ethical obligation to keep hazards out of the environment.

Small or large, we have the vehicles and equipment to handle any volume of material. We are dependable and efficient, and have the resources to complete jobs within budget and on schedule. Our specialization in battery recycling allows us to offer only the most competitive pricing and provide maximum monetary return to our customers.