CDL Hazmat

All of our drivers are certified to handle and haul class 8 hazmat material.  The process for obtaining this endorsement on your license includes hazmat training, taking an additional knowledge test, and passing a medical exam.  In addition, our drivers are routinely drug tested and in compliance with DOT hours of service regulations. 

Every one of our trucks are placarded, and must prominently display hazmat placards when the load is not packaged and secured according to DOT guidelines.  This includes in-between stops and some partial loads.  In addition to the standard safety materials required to operate a commercial vehicle, our trucks are equipped with baking soda, a neutralizer for sulfuric acid, gloves, safety goggles, and an eye wash kit.

If you see one of trucks, you can be assured that the batteries inside are being transported responsibly. 


Chemtrec Liability

Chemtrec provides crucial services to handle any physical, environmental, or property damage that may result from an unforeseen chemical spill, on or off road.  They accomplish this by providing a link between shippers, carriers, emergency response and medical personnel, chemical experts, and law enforcement agencies.  We are provided with an emergency response phone number that we place on all shipping documents, and have access to 24/7 emergency service specialists via their dedicated Emergency Call Center.

With the uninsured, fines can be exorbitant and may ultimately fall back on the person who is selling the material. We offer our customers the peace of mind that they are not liable for any incidents which may occur after their batteries have left their facility.

Insurance Liability

We keep business and auto insurance with a large umbrella.  There is also an option to be added to additionally insured.