Why Junkbat

Junkbat offers a number of advantages over other battery recycling companies. We:

  • Are certified to handle and transport hazmat.
  • Are fully transparent, and offer a number safeguards for our customers against any potential liabilities after the sale of batteries.
  • Travel to a wide range of locations across North & South Carolina, Virginia, and a number of other east coast states.
  • Are able to weigh material on our trucks.
  • Have vehicles for every size pickup.
  • Provide competitive pricing to our customers.
  • Offer immediate payment, cash or check.

Competitive Pricing

Our scalability and extensive network of EPA certified refineries enable us to provide you with only the best pricing. We work on low margins to pass along the value to our customers.. 



Have material but don't want to haul? We come to you at no additional cost. We offer lead-acid battery pickup services to most of North Carolina and parts of South Carolina and Virginia, but check out or service area map or give us a call to see if we can travel to you.

In addition to providing expedient pickup service, all of our trucks are equipped with tools to make each and every transaction quicker and more efficient. From battery handling tools, electric pallet jacks, scales, and safety materials, we've got you covered.  We have trucks to suit any job.


What good is a great price if you are kept waiting?  Nothing is more valuable than your time. We will be there when we say we will. Period. 

Pickup Locations

We offer battery pickup services to North & South Carolina, Virginia, and other select east coast states. There is no additional cost for local pickup, however long distance travel may be subject to a service fee.  We have trucks to suit any job.

Check out our map or give us a call to see if we can travel to you.

Responsible Recycling

When selling batteries it is important to know where they are going, so that any damages to persons or property that result from improper handling and disposal of batteries do not fall back on you.

Junkbat is Hazmat certified to handle lead-acid materials and adhere to all DOT regulations for proper transport. In addition to liability insurance, we are also enrolled in CHEMTREC for emergency roadside cleanup situations, should they ever arise.

We like to see where our batteries are going, so we visit every smelter we sell to in order to see how they operate and ensure that they are EPA compliant and follow good safety practices. Disposal documentation is also available upon request.