About Junkbat

Junkbat is a battery recycling and brokerage company founded in 2017, headquartered in Roxboro, NC.  We began with a mission to provide efficient battery recycling services as well as maximum monetary return to our customers.  Since our inception, we have kept millions of pounds of batteries out of dumpsters and landfills by providing highly convenient pickup and drop-off services across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  We have three truck sizes to suit the needs of any job.

Our mission is to keep hazards out of the environment and money in your pocket.  We handle both small and large volumes of material, working on small margins to give our customers the best price possible.  With over 10 years of recycling industry experience, we pride ourselves on building outstanding customer relationships and providing excellent customer service.

More than just a service company, we are a crucial link between businesses and smelters.  Junkbat is an experienced partner for companies that value safety and transparency as well as maximum efficiency. 


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